My team, experts and support

Selected team of professionals will empower and support you and your well-being.


An international group of experts with various skills, talents, experiences and backgrounds is supporting this spiritual, energetic and transformational work of mine. I am presenting here a selected few: find one or more that suits you and/or you feel would be right for you.


Petar Vojvodic (Canada)

Peter Duke picture - Soul Digger.

Peter - also known as Soul Digger - is a spiritual teacher, meditation master and chakra therapist. Works with clients both individually and in a group. Find out more.


Helenka Madjarevic (Canada)

Helenka Madjarevic picture - integral reflexology.

Helenka's work is focused for women determined to transform the emotional fatigue and physical vitality - since 2001. She believes that if you want to free yourself from fatigue to avoid burnout, you need to have a clear strategy for success.

Her programs offer a unique, systematic approach with well-defined stages that include treatments in Reflexology 3D, action plan and consultations - allowing you to balance the functioning of your body, your emotions, your mind and spirit. Find out more.


Debra Ross (USA)

Debra Ross, The Breathing Lady.

Debra helps Individuals who struggle with illness, disease, or injuries to become whole again and heal from whatever obstacle they are facing. She guides clients in navigating through their individual healing journey and often times is cognizant of issues that they may not be. As an intuitive healer she tunes into what they need and when they need it, and utilizes various healing modalities, depending on their individual beliefs.

Debra is a natural born healer, and radiates powerful energy from within used in may ways, including long distance. She is clairvoyant "one who sees clearly", with the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event. She can also hear sounds that cannot be perceived by the normal human ear, and gathers information merely by touching an object or person. It's her intrinsic knowledge that guides her to know something without a physical explanation. Find out more.


Annette Segal (USA)

Annette Segal picture - leadership coaching.

Annette Segal of The Valiant Group coaches intelligent, resourceful professionals to fully inhabit their leadership for lives of creativity, courage and joy.

She works within large organizations such as NASA, Cisco, Nikon and with motivated individuals using the tools of embodiment and emotional intelligence within an Agility framework. Find out more.


Monica J Griffith (USA)

Monica J Griffith - guiding light coaching.

Monica helps her clients 'overcome overwhelm'. Through interactive conversations, powerful questions and self-reflection, her clients generate shifts in consciousness, empowering and inspiring authentic actions to design and implement positive life changes.

Monica's Life and Leadership Coaching clients achieve success as they Explore who they really are; Dream of the possibilities of what can be; Discover what is most important in their lives; Create plans and actions to achieve their purpose; Celebrate each success! Find out more.


Asha Mankowska (USA)

Asha Mankowska

Asha Mankowska, MA,Esq. is an Internationally Renown Business, Executive & High Performance Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker.

She is invited by prestigious universities to be their Keynote Speaker at conferences for top leaders, CEOs, executives and business owners in USA (recently Harvard University).

Recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top Business and Career coaches in America. She accepted the honor to be a member of Forbes Magazine Coaches Council and her articles are featured in Forbes Magazine on regular basis. Find out more.


Sandi Smith (Australia)

Sandi Smith

Sandi is an experienced life coach and Pranic energy healer. She uses her years in education, coaching and personal development training to assist people at cross roads and turning points in their lives who are wanting to reconnect with something missing in their career, relationships, health or life in general.

Sandi believes in the power of self awareness and learning new skills and thinking strategies enable anyone to live life empowered and inspired. She assists her clients to live life which flows more easily, to have a positive mindset, make healthy choices and embrace change so they can move forward in life. She has worked with people of all ages and at all stages in life. Her clients are ready to embrace now as the right time to learn, reflect and try something new in a supported and assisted environment. Find out more.


Danielle Kort (USA)

Danielle Kort testimonial.

Danielle is the founder of The Manifestation Institute, co-founder of One Heart Tribe, a leadership coach and motivational speaker. She partners with clients who are ready for lasting change to create and step into lives they love, using a manifestation framework which she has developed. Her extensive and pioneering work in this field has allowed her clients to increase profits, win awards, develop deeper, more meaningful relationships, and expand into higher levels of consciousness.

Danielle also offers transformational retreats around the world with One Heart Tribe, allowing participants to experience exceptional group support during their process in beautiful, exotic locations. This year she will be speaking at international conference, The Positive and Mindful Leadership Summit, on how organizations can utilize the power of manifestation to develop focused, high performance leaders. environment. Find out more.


Sandra Camacho (USA)

Sandra Camacho expert.

Dr. Sandra Camacho is an auric field expert and intuitive business coach. She developed her combined method of aura reading, energy healing, and transformational coaching during her 25 years of practice as a chiropractor.

She now works with entrepreneurs to help them break through subconscious and energetic blocks so they create more wealth and success with more ease and more joy. Find out more.