Individual energy work

As I wrote, it's never just talk.


Often developing self-awareness is one of the most important things you can do to create the life you truly desire. On a side note it could help you cultivate better relationships on a personal, social, professional, human level.

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With a deep and wide insight of how we relate to people (and by observing what upsets us in others as well) we can become aware of our own inner issues: the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you. Jump quickly to:



When you learn to face your own shadow, your inner dark areas (I often see that as a lump of coal or solidified tar, sometimes also simply as mud or dirt) then you can adjust your perception, focus and change it to achieve your true goals.

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As for the coaching part in the title of this page: I know there are many definitions and differences concerning coaching, mentoring, consulting and training (so I will not debate on those), yet one thing is sure - I will hold you accountable.

In short: if during our work we find or agree on something that you should do (regarding whatever is important to you), I will write it down, check on you, remind you, and track your progress - until it's done or changed. (But usually, I will not do that something instead of you.)

No doubt, you can explain it as simply as I did in the three previous paragraphs - or you can also use some fancy words like the following:

  • individual mentoring and life coaching;
  • creativity and creative breakthroughs;
  • how to make effective presentations;
  • how to release creative blocks;
  • how to find your life direction;
  • how to improve your goal setting;
  • how to start your individual inner change processes, etc.

Last but not least: here I charge Prana prices, different for each program. As per my men wanted project, male clients still have 10% discount.

Oh, and all of these programs come with my risk free guarantee.


It's not just talk

Even if we just talk, it's never just talk.

It's not just talk, I do my thing too.

After you give me your permission, I will also mentally see and fix some things along the way. Sometimes, if there's something worth further exploring and working on - I will tell you about it so you can do with it whatever you want to do (with me or with somebody else, including yourself).

On other occasions, as there could be some minor issues (or energies or consciousnesses) I will notice in your energy fields (or chakras' fields, or wherever). Then I will just do my thing and not tell you about it as it's most likely not important for you to bother with it: here I wrote about how I do it, in more details.


What's in it for you?

Look, I am doing this (on my own and with my team) for years now and it is really great to see how much these programs have grown and changed over the past few years. With constant improvements, features and benefits added as time and experience reveal new opportunities.

Well, what has not changed meanwhile? Great results my clients get! Results that make (often big) changes in their lives (and often of the people around them) that you have to see to believe. Second best to that is to read some of the case studies with more detailed explanations.

So, what I was able to do with/for them - I would like to do the same with/for you. If you are interested in working with me, feel that is the right thing to do - please take a moment. Maybe reading long case studies is too much now? I understand, then check these short testimonials of the real clients.

Like Lisa from Sweden saying in her own words: "... I'm now much more balanced energy wise.". Or Ivana from Croatia: "Thanks, Dedi - you made me realize who I am ...". Or Tanja from Slovenia: "... I can finally understand and really live some things that I only felt or knew before.". How cool is that?

Still, I have to admit - the most satisfying thing for me is helping people take control like that. And that is why I am really amped to work with a few more awesome people.


Insight talk and analysis (+ mini)

Insight talk and analysis + mini banner.

This is the right way to start. Here I do base energy fields check and see not only what issues/weaknesses might be there, but also how easy or simple it will probably be working together. SEE, READ, CHANGE protocol.

About 60 minutes; also mini-version of about 30 minutes. Prana price.


Private analysis (+ mini)

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Topics of interest to you in your private life. Discovering deeper reasons for the present, past and future events and situations, partners, spouse, family, people, relationships, etc. There is more to it than meets the eye, but I will discover what's related.

Around 60 minutes; also mini-version of about 30 minutes. Prana price.


Business analysis (+ mini)

Business analysis + mini banner.

Topics of interest to you in your business life are explored. Here I am discovering deeper reasons for the present or past or future events and situations, people, relationships, etc. Also, contacting the identity and personality of the Company you maybe own or work for/with - if needed.

About 60 minutes; also mini-version of about 30 minutes. Prana price.


Freestyle analysis (+ mini)

Freestyle analysis + mini banner.

Here we work on discovering and changing whatever bothers you in your life. Often starting with one topic and ending on the other, showing the deeper cause of the current situation and experiences.

About 60 minutes; also mini-version of about 30 minutes. Prana price.


Private coaching and mentoring

Private coaching and mentoring happens very rarely but if that's for you - you'll know it and I'll know it. Then please contact me via our contact page.