Individual mental support programs

Here I work and you don't (mostly).


You can focus on important things.

In this section, mental, energy and spiritual work is done as a kind of background support to your visible and tangible activities.

Rather than more theory, I suggest you to see how that works and check a few examples of real life cases. Otherwise you can quickly jump to:

Last but not least: here I charge Prana prices, different for each program. As per my men wanted project, male clients still have 10% discount.

Oh, and all of these programs come with my risk free guarantee.


What's in it for you?

Look, I am doing this (on my own and with my team) for years now and it is really great to see how much these programs have grown and changed over the past few years. With constant improvements, features and benefits added as time and experience reveal new opportunities.

Well, what has not changed meanwhile? Great results my clients get! Results that make (often big) changes in their lives (and often of the people around them) that you have to see to believe. Second best to that is to read some of the case studies with more detailed explanations.

So, what I was able to do with/for them - I would like to do the same with/for you. If you are interested in working with me, feel that is the right thing to do - please take a moment. Maybe reading long case studies is too much now? I understand, then check these short testimonials of the real clients, or a page where I wrote about how I do it, in more details.

Like Lisa from Sweden saying in her own words: "... I'm now much more balanced energy wise.". Or Ivana from Croatia: "Thanks, Dedi - you made me realize who I am ...". Or Tanja from Slovenia: "... I can finally understand and really live some things that I only felt or knew before.". How cool is that?

Still, I have to admit - the most satisfying thing for me is helping people take control like that. And that is why I am really amped to work with a few more awesome people.


Ask Dedi

Ask Dedi - micro banner.

Send up to three questions via e-mail and I will reply briefly. Now, this is the most affordable way I could offer - aside of the free readings to my newsletter subscribers. If it's not possible/appropriate for me to reply you via e-mail, we can briefly talk via Skype or phone and then it usually lasts around 20 minutes.

Prana price.

Sorry, at the moment I can not accept any new applications for Ask Dedi program.


Dedi in your team

I will be in your support team as an energy, mental and spiritual help during tough times and/or big changes in your private or professional or career life.

Dedi in your team banner.

Here we work on the task at hand and currently pressing issues, but this way (aside from your own efforts) you get my SEE, READ, CHANGE approach on several levels at the same time. That should bring you faster resolution and results.

Please note: I can not guarantee success every time (nor I guarantee that in any way, shape or form), but I am confident that I can greatly increase the odds in your favor.

For example, I had a client who came due to business situation (she had family business with her husband at that moment) yet I saw that it's not a business yet a bundle of her personal issues that bothers her. Word by word, and I told her what I saw: how she is not happy in that marriage, what she would like to change or improve, etc.

She confirmed that and I gave her specific instructions on how to try to change that situation or (if that will fail, and that seemed to me pretty likely) that she should carefully pick the time on when to ask and get a divorce.

Unfortunately, eventually the divorce was unavoidable, so she carefully prepared what's needed and passed through that experience the best possible way. For her, of course: if her husband came to me, it would probably be another story.

Prana price: per hour fee and/or retainer on a case by case basis.


Constant mental, energy and spiritual support

Constant mental and energy plus spiritual support banner.

This is the right program if you want me to check, protect and support your private/business/career activities on a daily basis. Goals change, issues change, threats and opportunities change - but that's all what we can deal with in the process.

I'm here in your team but (although sometimes we work together) mostly it's just me doing my thing, day by day. Kind of an invisible mental, energy and spiritual helper.

Prana price: per hour fee and/or retainer on a case by case basis.


Private coaching and mentoring

Private coaching and mentoring happens very rarely but if that's for you - you'll know it and I'll know it. Then please contact me via the form on our contact page.