Inner Circle membership program

Work hard and play hard concept


Dedi's gift: Inner Circle membership program.

This is a special program for people who want to work with me individually and regularly.

Providing we worked together in the past and you want to continue in a regular manner - read on. And yes, even if you just had your first individual session with me. Or you can just quickly jump to:


A simple prerequisite

First things first: I want you to check what do you want or need to work with me - on average every month (or week, or quarter). If that will include individual session (no mater how often), then read further. Otherwise, please skip: you might listen some fine Shakti music here and enjoy instead.

I'm now opening a small Inner Circle group I will give my VIP treatment, but it's really a case by case situation. Every once a while I will open this group, but it's a limited option as my time (unfortunately, just as anybody else's) for this purpose is limited.


Who is this not for?

Obviously, if you do not plan to work with me individually on a regular basis - this is not for you.

Also, as an Inner Circle member, you will be able to contact me virtually at any time, yet you have to understand that I have a business to run of my own. Not only that, I do have a busy life to live - with all of its unpredictabilities.

Use, but do not abuse Inner Circle program.

So, while I will be available for you, please don't abuse the opportunity.

If you get too demanding or are the type who is going to get upset if I don't get back to you within an hour, then kindly please - stay away. (No hard feelings, really.)


Who can benefit from this program?

For example, regardless of group work, one person might see me individually for a session once in two months (or maybe it will be a private mini-session every month) and that will fit her or his needs.

Another member will maybe have one regular session (business and private, freestyle) with me every week plus a few e-mails and quick Skype or phone calls here and there for some real or perceived urgencies aside of that. And there will be people between these two options.

Just like different months: one month we could have more work than average, yet some other month we could work less than average. Over time, it should be close to the expected average. If not, we will revise the deal together and see if any changes are needed.

Whatever the average, it will be the same amount of time and money for each month, and will be predictable for both the members and myself. I can not have many such members so if that's you - please, be reasonable.


Why is this so special?

Why is Inner Circle program so special banner.

By working regularly with me (individual sessions, no matter how often) you show me your dedication to your personal growth. That's good start. So, I can respond and treat you accordingly offering you individualised bundle:

  • you get my private e-mail and phone number: it's your fast track to me for calls or text messages;
  • I will throw some ask Dedi perks (otherwise closed for the moment), for your short questions;
  • and also Dedi in your team, when needed for important meetings, negotiations, interviews, etc.;
  • or even constant mental, energy and spiritual support during challenging periods in your life;
  • free access to members' section on Self Mechanics web site (otherwise charged monthly fee);
  • we agree on a monthly retainer based on your average monthly needs (time-wise and money-wise);
  • and we can change it if needed over time according to your (and also my) situation;
  • you can pay your invoices backwards, just like utility bills (i.e. in February for January);
  • a special referral compensation program (it's optional to participate, but it's here), etc.


For new clients only

Young woman, a new client image.

This concerns new clients only: for the first month of this Inner Circle program we will see how we "feel" for each other. I'm going to learn the important points your life and/or business and we're going to devise a rough plan for the foreseeable future (and most likely tweak it along the way as necessary).

If you and I just don't "click" for some reason (or if I don't feel as if I can honestly help you) then I will fully refund your first month fee. Please note: this is the only time unconditional refund will be issued for this program.

Moving forward, I will only refund a monthly fee on request if we have not yet spent any time on Skype or phone together that month. The issue is that I can't get my time back. I'm sure you understand that.


You in?

If that's for you, or you have some questions, please contact me via the form below. If I can accept new members, then we will talk (most likely via Skype) and see what should work for both of us.

Last but not least: here I also charge Prana prices, but it's different for each member as their individual programs will be different. As per my men wanted project, male clients still have 10% discount.

This program comes with my risk free guarantee too.