The key is to get the job done in the shortest time possible.


Target image.

This section is about programs targeted to some very specific areas / fields / chakras / issues, and my intention to complete it (as much as it can be done in one session) in the shortest time possible.

I do not like to leave unfinished business, no matter how much time it takes. So, jump quickly to:


How it works?

Sometimes it takes less and at other times more time depending on what I find while looking at it mentally and how complicated it is to get through. Other stuff might get in the way like clogged energy fields, Ego projections, other people's projections, accumulated karma, non-physical beings, etc.

More about it I explained in my books. Also, in most cases things have been done instantly yet at other times few sessions are needed (although rarely). Still, most of these are done under 30 minutes: here I wrote about how I do it, in more details.

For example, in exploring some energy field, we might get a not so nice picture of a sad, neglected young woman. It can be changed instantly (mentally) to some nicer picture yet your consciousness and/or actions might support it - or not. Not to forget that such persona is a part of your energy field and can also ask / advise on what to do to make her happy or let her live / manifest in your life.

Happy woman on the beach.

So, when we check it again in a month (or a quarter, or a year, or whenever) depending on all of the mentioned factors (and maybe some other - if I can not see all of them) if we see again some kind of a nice picture - great! Otherwise, we will have to redo the process.

Now, unlike the freestyle individual sessions, these laser in on a specific issue / topic / system / tactic and give you just the parts you need in order to immediately implement it into your life and/or business. Essentially, it is a step-by-step system.

What means this "plus" in Diagnostics+? It means that I will be doing my usual SEE, READ, CHANGE protocol: not just checking energy fields or targeted topic(s) but also changing it along the way.

Often while checking the main thing I also find some other issues that need to be corrected: and I do it - sometimes even without reporting it to you. It's not that I am doing something secret or anything, but more to focus on the main thing without giving too much to the less important things.

Last but not least, I charge Prana price for each program. As per my men wanted project, male clients still have 10% discount.

Oh, and all of these programs come with my risk free guarantee.


What's in it for you?

Look, I am doing this (on my own and with my team) for years now and it is really great to see how much these programs have grown and changed over the past few years. With constant improvements, features and benefits added as time and experience reveal new opportunities.

Well, what has not changed meanwhile? Great results my clients get! Results that make (often big) changes in their lives (and often of the people around them) that you have to see to believe. Second best to that is to read some of the case studies with more detailed explanations.

So, what I was able to do with/for them - I would like to do the same with/for you. If you are interested in working with me, feel that is the right thing to do - please take a moment. Maybe reading long case studies is too much now? I understand, then check these short testimonials of the real clients.

Like Lisa from Sweden saying in her own words: "... I'm now much more balanced energy wise.". Or Ivana from Croatia: "Thanks, Dedi - you made me realize who I am ...". Or Tanja from Slovenia: "... I can finally understand and really live some things that I only felt or knew before.". How cool is that?

Still, I have to admit - the most satisfying thing for me is helping people take control like that. And that is why I am really amped to work with a few more awesome people.


Basic body and mind energy fields check

General energy fields check image.

This program includes checking all of your main and auxiliary energy fields, but also other areas, depending on what I find while looking at it mentally.

By doing general energy fields check you can see some basic information and examples of images or movies on how it may look like when checking energy fields and also get free meditation music so you can learn to do yourself - eventually.


Balancing all chakras

Balancing all chakras image.

This program includes checking all of your (main and secondary) chakras and meridians - but also other fields if needed, depending on what I find while looking at it mentally.

You can read some basic information on how I do it and what energy / spiritual baggage might show up when I check main chakras and also get free meditation music so you can learn to do yourself - eventually.

Please note: it is wise to consider that this program is done only after main energy fields are checked. It's your call, however.


Four Aces of Life check

Four aces of life check image.

This program includes checking all of your main authentic desires we call four aces of life (and also other areas): Pleasure, Wealth, Duty and Liberation. Again, depending on what I find while looking at it mentally.

You can get some basic information and many real life examples on how it may look like when checking four aces and also get free meditation music so you can learn to do yourself - eventually.

Please note: it is wise to consider that only after the main energy fields' check plus main and auxiliary chakras check this program is done. Sure enough, it is up to every individual to decide for his/her own best interest.


Three hearts service

Three hearts service and maintenance image.

In a field of the fourth chakra there are three hearts. This program restores their well-being and balance affecting mind / body / emotions fields.

Usually here I do a full check-up and then change / repair / upgrade what's needed (all mentally, of course) plus ensure there is a back-up system in place.

In the best case scenario a person can keep this as good as is after the service and even improve it - if the right things are done. Sure, otherwise this can also be degraded - sooner or later - and then another check-up and service is needed.


Career insight, Dharma at sight

Career insight, Dharma at sight image.

Career change (or career choice) matching your personality type is one of the key factors for being fulfilled and content in the workplace. It's even more important to be in sync with your Dharma, and that often manifests as being satisfied with your job (or business or mission) that is engaging your strongest personality qualities and also in line with your values and attitudes.

Here I look mentally at your career (or business or current life mission) to find what could be the right path for you. Sometimes you are maybe thinking about many options in one field - whatever that might be - while actually it's more fruitful for you to consider something different. For example, with one client I got very simple images where choosing among many options in a candy store is inferior to changing the venue and entering the one next door (that might be a bakery, or hardware store, or something else). In this case it really was so, the client (symbolically speaking, of course) changed his industry for one totally different, yet that was kind of his hobby until then.

In other case, with other client, exploring this brought clear order of thinking outside the box - and thinking big. So then, instead of doing whatever was daily routine, new projects were looking as a promising way of thinking big. The client explored that path and within month got in a different world of options: better contract, better title, more recognition - and again, more options. Without this, the client would not pursue this yet would stay where he was.


Check your attitudes and boundaries

Check your attitudes and boundaries image.

Check your boundaries and attitudes: how strong are your energetic / mental / spiritual boundaries and how to make them authentic? Also exploring the status of your life attitudes.

It's yesterday news if I tell you we are all swimming in a world of mental / spiritual thought forms and emotional energies - and that vast sea can be polluted and not at all beneficial for us.

Most of us - at least those living modern, urban, technology-driven life - are constantly bombarded by negative and harmful energies and if we are not properly protected, we can be affected in many ways: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, materially, etc.

Here I help you build strong mental / energetic / spiritual boundaries protecting yourself (and your Self) on many levels from psychic attacks, negative intentions, outside projections, malicious entities, etc. We are also checking your attitudes making sure they are up to date with your personal growth and development.


Inner space of body and mind

Inner space of body and mind image.

Cleaning inner space of body and mind of energy / consciousness that does not belong here; also exploring fifth chakra field.

Here I mentally check your mind and body and the fifth chakra field: often within your space can be found other people's energies, thoughts, images, projections, etc. that I clean - if you want me to do so.

And then you can focus on getting Universal Consciousness (or God, or whatever you like to call it) to fill that space of yours.


Explore your deep inner Self

Explore your deep inner Self special program image.

Checking the most important consciousness field and Self field as it sometimes can be outside of one's energy field.

Here I look for your best inner persona (your consciousness) that brings you as close as possible to the Universal Consciousness.


Deep look into your Energy

Deep look into your Energy image.

Checking one's Energy, where it is and how it looks; also your inner Energy (or Shakti as it sometimes can be in not so good shape.

Here I also look for your best inner persona (your energy) that brings you as close as possible to the Universal Energy.


Quest and Return to your Self

Quest and Return to your Self image.

Checking one's persona that is the closest to the Universal Consciousness; how to attain and improve it. Do you want to know how authentic you are?

Often the right goal here is to integrate and return to the Self; then to return the Self within personal space of the body. Sometimes it also means to break some attachments, however, you can imagine what happens to a person whose true Self is somewhere in the outer space: no happiness, pleasure, bliss or enlightenment can be achieved.


Meet your Ego

Meet your Ego image.

Find your Ego persona and change what's needed. We can clean it, wash it, purify it; but we will not destroy it, as the Ego of the right size and quality is useful.

For example, sometimes when I look in the client's Ego I see it as a white shirt with more or less stains on it. But, as any shirt - this one can be washed, dried, hanged, ironed, etc. so eventually the Ego can be in better shape than before this treatment.


Abundance flow status

Abundance flow status image.

Abundance spills over to our energy field from the third heart: checking status of this and correcting if needed. Again, it is safe to believe that material abundance gives you more freedom to pursue your spiritual goals.

So, when checking three hearts and fourth chakra I can focus (mentally) on the pipe where this abundance flows from the faucet to one's Universe and see if it is flowing freely or something is clogged, or if there can be greater stream of abundance, etc.