Almost There

Intermediate level group


Almost There group banner.

Almost There is an intermediate group, generally recommended after Intro group (except if you already have some experience in self-exploration, meditation, etc.). It offers insight and exploration of the functions of the mind; virtues and flaws; and debunking different concepts and myths affecting our everyday lives.

Limited to six participants, working in a small group setting is pure Dedi-style experience. This is done during two years period through group sessions held on average twice a month, and thus also suitable for people who have not much time to play with. Each session is done via Skype, about 120 minutes long and usually includes:

  • introduction;
  • discussing homework: experiences and issues with meditations;
  • topic of the day: one function of the mind and its derivatives, etc.;
  • working on individual issues related to the topic of the day;
  • freestyle section: ask whatever bothers you at the moment;
  • homework for the next session, and what to do meanwhile.

For example, in one session we will explore topic of the day: pain. Yet, authentic experience of the pain also includes some unauthentic derivatives like sorrow, grief, misery, melancholy, depression and self-pity. By each of these we check with the participants if there's any trace of it within one's energy field, how it looks, and how to change it.

Almost There group sessions are held twice a month, on average, Tuesday at 18:00 (Zagreb, Croatia time - check your time).

Last but not least, here I also charge Prana price per session. And, due to my men wanted project, male clients still have 10% discount.

Oh, and this program comes with my risk free guarantee.

I open Almost There for new members only couple times each year so if interested, please contact me via our contact page.