Energy stuff: energized and programmed

Self Mechanics motifs on t-shirts


A Dedication t-shirt image.

As I mentally program and energize music for both general public but also for one specific person (like with energy music) I can do it with different stuff.

Here we start with t-shirts and could expand with other items in the future. Click on the image to see bigger version. Images are symbolic.


Personalized version: what's in it for you?

A personalized version is available: it is carefully energized and programmed just for that one exceptional person helping him or her reach whatever goal he or she has in mind.

An Almost There t-shirt image.

Is that you? Great! Then send me your ideas / topics / wording for the programs using the form below and I will program t-shirt just for you, for whatever (almost) you want.

Just like programming music and meditation, there are many books and articles written on programming physical stuff, like crystals for example. Here Karen Ryan explains that in more detail, so really no need for me to elaborate more.


Product Details

A Self Mechanics t-shirt image.
  • Colour: white, black
  • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Standard fit
  • Cotton 100%
  • Machine wash cold

Price: 100 USD for individually energized and programmed t-shirt.

Order from the designer.


Comments, reviews, ideas

If you want to send us your reviews or comments, maybe ideas for new designs, etc. please fill our contact form.