Brain fitness i inteligentna glazba za peak performance

Berislav Debelić & Veljko Karaba


Brain fitness i inteligentna glazba za peak performance book banner.

This manual was private edition manual Dedi made together with late Veljko Karaba, exclusively for the clients and students of EkoVita Brain fitness centre in Zagreb, Croatia back in the late year 2001.

Exploring smart music and intelligent music concepts in this material we were utilizing many neurotechnology methods, techniques and tools. Thus this manual is focused primarily on reaching (at will) and maintaining that elusive peak performance state (or "in the zone" state) for students, managers, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, etc.

That was one of the main themes we were working on and exploring. Special Brain Fitness EkoVita programs were primarily focused to initiate, support, help and reach for:

  • optimal psychophysical health;
  • top results in any area of human life;
  • peak performance state;
  • personal development and success, etc.


Product Details

  • Plastic coil binding: 141 pages
  • Publisher: EkoVita (2001)
  • Language: Croatian
  • ISBN:
  • Dimensions: 21 x 30 cm

Price: 20 USD

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