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We prefer e-mail and we do not hide it.


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Please contact us via e-mail form here. Due to the high volume of e-mails received please allow up to three days for a response. Thank you.

Well, let me explain this a bit. By all means, if you feel so - absolutely, send me an e-mail! I would love to hear from you. There's only one little thing ...

Please note that these e-mails are not being sent directly to me, but will be going through my support desk. My assistant, Ana, will reply / forward messages according to what is needed. Now, I'm not hiding: this is just necessary in order to keep things organized in-house.



As mentioned, none of these e-mails sent via this form go directly to me. If you really need / want to contact me - and not for Ana or maybe some of my team members - then please use this e-mail address: .

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Mailing address:
Filip Dedi
c/o Magicus (NGO)
Blagajska 31A
Zagreb, HR 10000, Croatia