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Here are a few case studies in order to give some real life examples of people that contacted me: their problems, interesting stories and helping solutions. Usually bigger picture is shown where clients work regularly with member(s) of my team and see me for more/less often periodical insight and check-ups. Jump to:

As much as I would like to provide full details, names, pictures, etc. - I will not disclose it. Respecting the privacy of my clients here I will focus primarily on people and their cases and not their names, images or places they live.

Maybe these additional details (aside from real stories) would help proving my credibility, but I will live without it: often we SEE, READ and CHANGE very deep, intimate energy issues and privacy (even sometimes anonymity if necessary) is of utmost importance. So be it.

Each of these example cases is different: some of these cases were in English as testimonials sent by clients and needed little or no editing; others were translated and edited/shortened beforehand; and some were written by us based on our records mentioning some important and highlight points of the stories.

Please note: all of these cases are real people with real names, real lives and real pictures. However, as we can not provide more details about them here publicly we can give you their contact details: providing you are interested to know more and they agree to talk to you. If so, please contact us then.

L.H., Sweden

This one was written by the client in English with no editing on our side - except for titles and image. Further, we quote L.H.'s letter as is.

One big issue ...

Six years ago I was diagnosed with a debilitating chronic syndrome that prevented me from working. I have tried all kinds of alternative treatments as there is no cure in Western medicine. Some treatments made me much worse (e.g., reiki).

In 2010 I was lucky enough to meet Peter who used a technique based on Keith Sherwood's teachings and basically is energetic work using spoken affirmations and knowing the universe hidden to the average human eye but visible to some. I abandoned all other techniques and treatments as what I have discovered then was so simple and efficient.

Case study of a beautiful woman: L.H., Sweden case.

In 2012 I had my first session with Peter and Dedi who was able to see things that just knocked me off my feet. From then on, I have had regular, more or less monthly sessions with the two of them and would not exchange this type of work for anything else.

Although the circumstances I am living in are not the easiest ones (but able to work full time now), I am pretty sure that without this work I would be on some strong psychiatric pills or worse, certainly not enjoying myself as much as I can (which is still limited because of the objective circumstances), and wanting to live life much more fully by further working on myself.

I have done things and things happened to me I thoroughly enjoyed but had thought before I do not need them, that they were not important to me ... and actually suppressing them was a big part of my getting so sick.

Among other things, Dedi can see into past lives, people, events, our sub consciousness - in line with what we are ready to see and hear - and can simply remove all the crap that is stopping us to be who we authentically are, entitled to inner peace, pleasure etc. If I could afford it, I would spend every day in a session with Peter and Dedi.

... and two brief examples

1. Ever since I have seen the film Lilja Forever I had nightmares for many years. That story has nothing to do with my life in this life. But Dedi was able to see that in one of my past lives I was raped by an army of soldiers who need to vent out and the head of the village where I lived sent them to me.

It seems that because of this I had problems with sex in this life, but these problems are now completely gone and I have no nightmares of the type. Things happen to me now in sex that I had no idea were even possible before.

2. After one session with Peter and Dedi clearing up one of my energetic fields, I went to see a chiropractor who I had been regularly seeing for three months before and he said that this was the first time that we have made a major breakthrough in healing my back - fixing something that was not possible to fix before that.

She was/is working regularly with Peter and me while living in Sweden, so all is done via Skype: I never met her in person yet.

M.S., Sweden

Sometimes I have to deal with simple stuff (not like working on enlightenment, exploring dark parts of someone's universe, etc.) that is bothering my client / student (or her daughter in this case). This is one of such stories, totally unromantic, but that's life too.

Screenshot letter M.S., Sweden.

I quote a part of student's first letter, 19/5 in the evening:

And to the issue making me finally making me write today. [Daughter] has vomited and has had diarrhea since 5 o'clock this morning. Is there anything you can do for her? I'm on a course in Stockholm so she's with my parents in [other city], cause [husband] is also traveling. I feel so bad for not being with her although my mum is doing an excellent job. My mum being more calm than I would have been myself.

Then I explained her how it looks to me and removed it. But the next day, in the morning of 20/5, she wrote that the kid is better (no vomiting) but was not eating or drinking. I did my thing and was sure that will change the same day.

Third day, in the morning of 21/5, I checked and student wrote that the kid is drinking but not eating. I saw it differently, and wrote her so.

Screenshot my letter to M.S., Sweden.

Here's a part of my reply to her.

Hmmm, it looked to me earlier today pretty similar as it was yesterday: some green/grey mist around her trunk/core - and I moved that away. To me it seems to be bowel/digestion problem rather than urinary/genital area.

I am not a medical doctor but am judging from where this mist/cloud was centered around - her stomach/bowels area and not around her urinary/genital area. Sure, now and always, there may be some problems that are present but that I do/can not see.

Yesterday I was sure she will eat something in the afternoon - and you say she had nothing.

In the afternoon, she took the kid to the doctor, just in case. And in the evening sent me an update.

Screenshot second letter M.S., Sweden.

Client confirmed my explanations were correct, I quote a paragraph from her letter:

We decided to see a medical doctor after all. Just in case. Your description was correct. "Only" stomach/digestive tract something, nothing with bladder. When looking back at yesterday, mum gave her something to eat before I arrived, although she didn't want to eat, so I didn't really have the whole picture.

This student is living in Sweden, so all is done via Skype: I never met her or her kid in person yet. Still, I did my thing mentally.

K.T., Bosnia

This story is partly our explanation and partly quote from the client's letter. Translation, titles and image are ours.

"I procrastinated for some time writing this as I don't know how to do it. I worked with Peter for four years. Although he did warn me it will be tough, there were days when I was crying on my knees and asking what I have got myself into! I was mad at myself and the world, (felt like) sorriest and saddest being - it's hard to say what was not surfacing out of me during these four years."

"But it ALL paid off! And it is very hard to describe. I got what I could only dream of, and that is peace and power. Although it is about brief moments that over time become longer, that moment you know it's all as it should be. And slowly you stop doubting yourself. And that is priceless."

From antidepressants to intensive orgasms

To put this in perspective, here's short history: as K.T. described herself, she was "on antidepressants ten years ago and afraid of walking in the street or riding a bus for two stop ride". She was a child, later a person that lived life on someone else's rules. Everybody manipulated her while she was gulping down frustrations and that predictably brought to the pills.

Relaxed K.T., Bosnia case.

"Before, I had orgasms few and far between and of mild intensity. Now, when I orgasm I feel like the world moved! If that would be the only benefit of this work, I would still be glad. I also started to enjoy sex and food (both were my big issues beforehand), accepting myself as I am, and with each small step of that acceptance comes big relief. (...)"

"And another one, perhaps dearest to me: that's intimacy. To let someone close to me and feel the love without any fear. I believe most of my life I have cried for this. Now I am thankful when this happens even for five minutes. And there is nothing more beautiful in the world. (...)"

"As for the insight and pictures Dedi provides, those images shocked me a million times, some made me puke, others made me cry, sometimes after individual work I felt like the most screwed person in the world. However, in 90% cases after individual work I feel endless gratitude to God and Universe that I earned to work with you in this life."

Peter and I work(ed) regularly with K.T. both in person (first year) and via Skype (following three years), both individually and on group meditations and workshops.

H.M., Austria

This is another one of totally unromantic stories that bothered my client's kid.

Screenshot letter H.M., Austria.

This one I just quote here, as originally sent by client. Again, only mental work, long-distance and Dedi-style. Also, I never met this fine lady and her daughter in person.

Mother and daughter: H.M., Austria case.

My daycare-aged child has been coughing a wet cough for three weeks, and just as I would start to think it was getting better, it would get worse. The fever would come and go for a few days at a time. The last few days the fever went to over 39.3 (degree Celsius) and the cough was incessant so that the nights were sleepless.

When I called the doctor, they said it sounded like it was getting better, but it really was not. So I asked Dedi to intervene. He said he saw some thick liquid on the lungs and removed it energetically. He did that and the cough and the fever were almost completely gone. Instantly.

At the same time, my child got one of her eyes inflamed (it was red with yellow things in the corner), I guess from rubbing the nose and then the eyes with the same hand. Dedi intervened there as well, resulting in the eye problem gone completely within a few hours.

I tried myself to put hands on my child's lungs and send prana, but I did not see the effect. I guess it helped as it always does, but it seems that for a problem like this to be completely removed it takes a person with much higher consciousness, like Dedi. Thank you, Dedi!

You are welcome! Hope you will never need me again on similar issues.

I.D., Slovenia

The following story has been translated, shortened and edited based on the client's letter in Slovene. I know this nice lady only virtually via Skype and we never met in person so far. She was/is working regularly with Peter both via Skype and in person; both individually and in group workshops.

Had a tough time, got a rough start, but ...

... I finally learned to let it go. The title is from lyrics of John Mayer's Shadow Days song as I.D. wrote to us about her case:

"Since year 2008 I have had a diagnosis of depression with anxiety disorder. My doctor prescribed some basic antidepressants yet after I saw a psychiatrist and clinical psychologist, I agreed on 300 mg Alventa daily plus Helex as needed. (...)"

"I was scared, with no energy whatsoever and I've lost all desire to do anything anymore. My condition was not improved despite three years of regular sessions with a psychiatrist and psychotherapist so I quit on those two, but continued taking my medications and aimlessly lying around all day. (...)"

Then she started working with Peter in group sessions from November and individually since December 2013 yet in January 2014 reported cutting Alventa to half usual dosage and still "feeling OK". She continues explaining in her letter:

I.D., Slovenia case.

"Then I worked hard on cutting antidepressants to a minimum as two months ago I found they make me numb and are very disturbing factor in my life. Thus, I quit taking them all together and found that without them, I can live better. (...)"

"With Peter we work with energies on the finest level of perception. At the beginning I got in a group that was already working for some time and I understood nothing. Peter is a great tutor, explaining stuff with great passion and zeal and it is really a joy to listen to him as he knows how to explain very complicated topics in an understandable way and support it with examples and comparisons."

"And meditations! Sometimes a vortex of energy grabs me and takes to a world that I only guessed it exists. After such powerful meditations everything changes: I, people around me, my attitude towards people and things, and their attitude toward me. (...)"

"In individual sessions we work on personal issues and difficulties. That fog or tar in my brain has not left on its own. It took a lot of work and meditations that this tar started to melt and how it is a good feeling that after so many years you are confident, you can easily concentrate, that your thoughts are clear and life is good. (...)"

"Periodically on our individual sessions Dedi joins us as well, and he can see what is going on during the meditation. Those images are very interesting, sometimes even surprising, when Dedi describes a person from my life that I have never mentioned yet he/she showed in the projections or in a form of some other disturbing element. In such case we cut the ties (Dedi edit: mentally) with that person so he/she can not affect my sub consciousness."

"I am especially fascinated by the fact that Peter and Dedi are exploring new ways in a world of energy and all that knowledge readily share with us, students. (...)"

There is more to come!

In memoriam M.

A healthy red apple - in memoriam M., Slovenia.

A few years ago during summer vacation, I received a phone call from a friend calling off an island in the Adriatic Sea. She was asking for quick check of her acquaintance as she is suddenly not feeling well.

A lady came with a friend on vacation from abroad and suddenly got ill that day, but nobody has a clue what is going on and why. Is it something serious enough to cancel the vacation and return home or it's just a temporary issue?

I looked at that mentally and got a picture of not only bad but rotten apple. It was brownish, soft and with no healthy parts - it was 100% rotten. Not nice image at all and a bit disturbing also.

Unfortunately, two weeks after that call the lady died of cancer. In this case a picture (of rotten apple I got when asked about the health of a friend's acquaintance) was more than describing the situation.