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In this case, again: nomen est omen.


New posts are added to my blog every now and then - usually once in a month - only if there is something I find worthwhile to write about. Also, I'd like to answer some of your questions this way too, since many fall in the same group with similar issues/topics so keep'em coming.


How to get more business and enjoy good life: optimize your energy fields

Optimize your energy fields.

Imagine talking to someone on the other end of the world for the first time. Via phone, Skype, FaceTime, whatever; video call or just audio -- not important at all.

And that person just told you some of your deepest treasures, issues, opportunities, blockages and strengths that were hidden somewhere in your energy fields inevitably affecting your business, private, love, health and sex life, etc. at that very moment. What would you do with that information? Read more ...


Issues, energy fields, sex and solutions: two real life cases

Issues and sex.

Facts tell, but stories sell. In the recent several weeks (as a part of my conscious promotion, search and selection) I talked with two dozen people from all over the world: new clients, prospective clients / business partners / team members, etc.

In Europe, Sweden and Bosnia and Herzegovina are two very different worlds, in many ways and not just geographically. I offer two real life cases from these two countries that were already published on my blog. Read more ...


How to catapult your career to nearly the highest level ...

Don't throw it.

... in 16 months: real life example. This is a real life story about stellar career success in 16 months timeframe (and within possible options at that time and space). And that came after serious health issues, failed alternative therapies, etc.

Maria, a mid-thirties brunette with great smile from Germany is my (and Petar Vojvodić's) client / student and here's her letter I received a few days ago. I will quote it bit by bit, explaining how I see her different phases of progress on solving various health and career issues. Read more ...


Don't throw information away just because ...

Don't throw it.

... it doesn't make sense at the time of your session. Here is one case from September to start with. This client, a nice lady in her prime years, wrote:

"During our work, Dedi has always been a step ahead of me. Although I knew the main cause of my problems, it seemed that he was telling me all what I already knew myself, while the image of that all was blurred, especially about possible exit from the painful situation." Read more ...


Large Multinational Corporations Have a Soul Too ...

Companies have a soul too.

Every large multinational corporation has a soul. How is yours doing?

Let me rephrase it: every corporation, company, association, partnership, sports team, music band, proprietorship, trust, beauty salon, office building, mom and pop shop, or individual person has a soul, energy and consciousness.

The list could be much longer, but anyway, it has nothing to do with the size. All of the mentioned above are (legal) entities and if you are an entity - you have a soul, energy and consciousness. So, how are yours doing? Read more ...


Truth, lies and hassle

Truth, lies and hassle.

... and the invisible world.

There are many different ways of self-realization: some people have a teacher, guru, leader, coach, astrologer, etc., while others are exploring on their own by reading books, meditating, and so on.

All of these actions and activities are to some extent useful, but there are still people who (sometimes for years) are following the wrong authority or partial truth, perhaps consciously or unconsciously choosing to deal with their own imperfections one step at the time. Read more ...


Winners Do Care About Personal Boundaries, Inner Demons ...

Winners know personal boundaries.

... and the invisible world.

We are not often aware of our boundaries, not only physical or social but more importantly of those protecting our energy / auric fields or our inner Universe.

There are many known ways of explaining this, for example imagining a protective eggshell around your body, etc.

In most cases, I can mentally see this aspect of someone's inner Universe: it often looks like as a house with the back yard, a pool, and with some kind of a fence or hedge. Pretty common image. Read more ...


How Personal Development and Spiritual Growth ...

Personal Development and Spiritual Growth Woman.

... became something to be ashamed of?

During more than two decades of my exploration, while looking for different ways of spiritual growth, self-improvement and personal development - I've seen it all. From religious fanatics to lost souls and anything in-between. No pun intended. Read more ...


On football fans, Manchester United and Self Mechanics

Football fans, Manchester United and Self Mechanics.

Lately I was motivated to write more articles about some simple things in life, but seen from a different (spiritual? energetic? intuitive?) perspective. And what's better than football (soccer), "the most important secondary thing in the world"?

It's not totally unexpected, as I am just finishing my book (with Petar Vojvodic) on applied Self Mechanics, and this article about football is perfectly in line with the book's topic. Read more ...


Three Doors to Yourself and Your Deep Inner Self

Three doors to yourself and your deep inner Self.

Another one of the Prana pralines (fundamental processes) in Self Mechanics, this time offering (mental and energy) insight into our tree hearts.

On the energy level, each human being has three hearts: everyone has a physical heart on the left side of the chest that can only reflect the energy of the field but not produce it (change frequency). This is why the thrill disappears when you move out of our proximity to the source of bliss.

The second heart is the heart chakra in the middle of the chest at the sternum, and unlike the first heart, which only reflects energy, the heart chakra has the ability to generate energy (prana) in our field. Read more ...


How to mentally clean the personal space of the body

Clean your personal space of the body.

This is one of the basic processes (Prana pralines) in Self Mechanics, offering insight into the personal space of your body: the point of view (or one's consciousness) is from the inside of the body out.

It all looks like being inside a giant plastic doll: the human body then has its natural form, and light is coming from the outside through the skin or plastic (but dimmed of course).

There is some kind of an internal divider between the head and the rest of the body. It seems that this partition serves for thoughts to stay only in the closed area of the head, and when the barrier opens to let the thoughts out, they usually look like pieces of paper that have words, letters, or sometimes even entire sentences written on them. Read more ...


Too long. Didn't read. On Self Mechanics.


This expression (abbreviated as tl;dr and and tldr) is originally a notation added by an editor indicating a passage appeared to be too long to invest the time to digest. Sometimes it is also used by an author to introduce a short summation of a longer piece.

Still, these two acronyms are often written by some people commenting in various Internet Forums, just stating that they were too lazy reading someone else's post.

In these new times, to more and more shorten the time needed to achieve a result, and achieve the transformation from the unwanted to the desired state - preferably right now at this very moment - is a kind of obsession.


A Fast Track to High Performance Teams, Groups and Organizations: Self Mechanics Insight

A drop of consciousness.

Any team, group or organization can become high performance one within minutes - depending on who do you talk to! And you should talk to your team's / group's / organization's soul - or deep inner Self - for peak performance and astounding results.

Speaking symbolicly, it is important who is in your corner: maybe you are in the middle of important deal closing or complicated negotiations and want all the support you can get - including the invisible one. In other cases you might have a current situation with re-organizations, mergers, takeovers, closings and such large scale changes that involve and (greatly) affect a lot of people.


Cash In on Your Fair Advantage: Programmed and Energized Music (and Silence)

A drop of consciousness.

This is about programmed and energized meditation music and background sounds: how they can change our visible world by changing the invisible one.

The invisible world is - in a way - an exact copy of the visible world we live and run our businesses in. Everybody can see the consequences of its existence, some gifted people can feel it, and others even see it. But, very few can change it and manipulate it at will.

For thousands of years sound and music were used to alter human states of consciousness. From the ancient times simple instruments like drums, sticks and gongs were often accompanying some form of chanting and have together been used all over the world in rituals and ceremonies, to heal, and to induce diferent trance-like states.


Boost Your Business, Professional Career and Sex Life by Talking to Your Inner Success Self

A drop of consciousness.

Talk to yourself and your deep inner Success Self or Career Self. Maybe you do not know it, but you have that too.

In the first article of this series, about visible and invisible business, I explained how any business has an invisible version of itself, and how you should be taking care of it too. Now, as an individual person, your career is your business and it has an invisible version too, within yourself (or your energy fields).

Earlier this year Liz Ryan in her article in Forbes magazine hit the mark: "We have to be nimble at work, and we have to be nimble as we manage our careers. Your employer will not run your career for you the way employers used to do. Now we are all entrepreneurs. You are the CEO of your own career. "


How Your Invisible Office, House, Shop, Café or Restaurant Can Improve Your Business and Life

An office, building, store, etc.

Every space has a soul. Its vibration may make or break your business, quality of life and even personal health. How is yours doing?

No, let me say it in no uncertain terms: every office, room, storage, warehouse, convenience store, big box store, shopping mall, house, villa, palace, hotel, restaurant, beauty salon, office building, casino, mom and pop shop, etc. has a soul, energy and consciousness.

All of these names and expressions (and more) depict a space, big or small. And every space has a soul, energy and consciousness, just like on the image above: an apartment, office, clothes store and café. Yes, even moving spaces like your car, RV, truck, bus, boat, plane, etc. So, how are yours doing?


How You Can Increase Your Bottom Line by Taking Care of Invisible Business

Visible and invisible business.

Your business has an invisible version of itself: are you taking care of it too?

It seems that we, modern people of the 21st century, often put everyday business or professional life and spiritual insight into two separate fields.

Yet, there is still a connection: what is present or changed in the invisible world, sooner or later, partially or in whole, untouched or distorted, gets manifested and becomes obvious in the visible world.


A few of the F.A.Q. topics, themes and questions explained

During the last year some of following topics and questions emerged. Although I believe it is all clear (and often explained in the F.A.Q. section) now is the time to address them again, maybe with more details, or from a different angle.

On disclaimers (why so many?), individual sessions (what to expect?) and making no sense (when I say something you can not explain / understand). More details about it here.


YouTube, Pink Floyd and copyrights wannabes circus show

The other day I got an e-mail from YouTube saying that my Three Hearts meditation is muted (no music or any sound) as someone protecting Pink Floyd's copyrights claimed I am using their music. Or that their music is maybe included in my video.

Huh? It's maybe included and you mute my video? Well, find out more about YouTube, Pink Floyd & copyrights circus.


Plans, goals, strategies and actions: how to

A horse drinking water banner title.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. This proverbial sentence is often used to describe a bit frustrating situation when you can present someone with an opportunity, but you cannot force him/her to take advantage of it. I sometimes feel that way when talking to a client for the second/third/fourth/etc. time - about the same issue.

Now, discussing the same issue/topic again is not really a problem as long as something changed meanwhile. In such a case we can check it from a new perspective, new angle or with new details to pay attention to - even if only one small step was done in the right direction. Find out how to come from ideas to plans, goals, strategies and actions.


Bad company and (very) limiting beliefs

Bad company and a very limiting beliefs banner title.

These two can be a very dangerous combination as consciously, most people are learning new things, skills, information, etc. using different channels and learning styles, usually mixing a few of them at the same time while only one is dominant. Similar ways are in place when we are learning or accepting our beliefs and programming.


Men wanted

Men wanted banner.

As I am writing this, in early 2016, in my private and business, individual and group work I have some 90% women as clients and members. Within my team results differ, yet it is always that women heavily outnumber men (although the difference might be slightly smaller).

What can I do about it? Well, I do give 10% discount to male clients, for both individual and group work. We want more balance, and the only reasonable way to start changing this is to get more men involved, at least in our group work (for both my groups and my team's groups). Read more about men wanted project within Self Mechanics community.



In this process the goal is to discover / see the point in the past, which is the cause of today's problems, karmic debts, and so on. Most people there (but it appears - not at all) find such an event whether it is done by the person himself or one of its ancestors.


When all that is simply not all that

Sometimes all that is simply not all that. Lately I was often asked how my work differs from the work of other mediums, psychics, intuitives, etc. I can offer my simple and totally non-romantic view. Just another blog post has been so popular that it actually became a lengthy article.


Mediums, psychics, intuitives, etc.

As the first post on this blog, I will try to explain briefly how I see that difference between people being called intuitive, psychic, medium, etc. (aside what I have mentioned in my about page).