Some of the F.A.Q. questions and topics explained

On disclaimers, individual sessions and making no sense.


During the last year some of following topics and questions emerged. Although I believe it is all clear (and often explained in the F.A.Q. section) now is the time to address them again, maybe with more details, and/or from a different angle.


Why do you have so many disclaimers?

In this case, again more (disclaimers) is less (risk).

I took and applied my attorney's advice to have short disclaimers at the bottom of every page on my web site plus one longer version on a dedicated page (it is here).

I did it, and aside of that, many similar topics are also covered separately on F.A.Q., Guarantee, Privacy policy, Terms of use and participation and Thanks and acknowledgements pages. Look, it's not a whim nor that makes me happy, but I just have to.

Disclaimers are a necessity.

Well, I have to do it legally - for readers' and clients' protection, as well as mine. Also, we live in a world where people often take no personal responsibility (nor accountability) for their own actions and blame everyone else for things they have (or have not) done instead.

Luckily, I have really never dealt with someone who has done something stupid due to the information they received from me (in any way, shape or form) but you just never know.


What to expect on an individual session?

I guess I will have to make a video about it eventually.

In general, there is no need to be nervous as I'm easy. Well, at least I am easy to work with. We start with your questions or with something I see about / for / related to you. You can ask me any question you want as there is really nothing that can shock me and I don't think there are any stupid questions.

Topics usually cover some of the basic areas of people's lives like career and business, health, love life, finances, family, spiritual questions, etc. and I often can help you navigate through your unseen world(s) by making it visible and tangible: my SEE, READ, CHANGE concept.


What if something I say on a session makes no sense?

During your session most of the things will make sense to you (in more than 95% of situations), either immediately when discovered or after we look deeper in the topic. When things do not make any sense to you (in less than 5% of situations), there are usually three reasons for that: either I do not see the whole picture (but just a piece of it) or I am maybe misinterpreting something or it's something (still) unknown to you.

If needed, I will check both of these options again. Otherwise, it's most likely option three and then I will tell you to hold on to it: it may not make sense at the time but it may later. I sometimes get feedback from clients letting me know that something that didn't make sense during the session did after they left.

For example, one client was asking about her business, a small company with some 40 employees. We found that her five team leaders were all good people and "the right man in the right place". Aside of that, I saw that one of them (I described her appearance as I saw it than: mid-thirties brunette, etc.) was in a relationship with the IT guy (again, I described him: tall, slender, blonde man, etc.) and that was unknown to everybody.

My client was surprized as she said that it was simply not possible, that the IT guy was just hired days ago, and that these two do not know each other at all (until just recently). Well, I left it at that as it was certainly not important at that point in time.

A few months after that session I got a phone call from the client and she told me that the lady in question (brunette team leader) was in fact in a secret relationship with the IT guy (blonde), and that it would not normally be a problem nor publicly known but ...

This brunette lady was married and her husband made a big scene at their offices confronting both her and the IT guy. So, if this was something really important for the client's business, I would clarify that during the session. It was not, and I left it so the time told the whole story.

Sometimes I just make no sense.

This is just an example I had, it can take more or less time - or sometimes things just change and such images / films I saw but left unexplained over time become meaningless or simply obsolete. Still, this happens rarely.

Also, all of my sessions are done in confidence, so nothing said in a session leaves that room. That being said, most of my clients prefer Skype sessions (so there is really no "room") as we live in different countries, or I am somewhere on the road, or simply because it gives both audio and video experience - both for individual and group programs. My clients' privacy is extremely important to me, as is known and clearly stated on my about page.