YouTube, Pink Floyd and copyrights wannabes circus show

Strange people, greedy lawyers - or something else?


Lion tamer bullwhip isolated watercolor image.

In many situations I prefer to measure twice and cut once. Yet sometimes it's just not good enough.

Based on the feedback I got from you (dear visitors and subscribers) via survey in February, I planned to put some free videos here in the following weeks. And later add more videos to existing and new products / online courses, with plans to continue (if there will be enough interest, of course).

Although I also checked some other smaller and/or less known options, it seemed that for the start YouTube would be a meaningful solution. So I put there some 80 meditation videos and some playlists, most of those available here as music meditation only.

And then, the other day I got this in my mailbox:

A warning from YouTube.

They are basically saying (in Croatian) that my Three Hearts meditation is muted (no music or any sound) as someone protecting Pink Floyd's copyrights claimed I am using their music. Or that their music is maybe included in my video.

Huh? It's maybe included and you mute my video?

There is (well, there was until I deleted all of my videos posted on YouTube) a more detailed explanation where they claimed that in this file / meditation (and not mentioning other nine that are sound-wise exactly the same) about one minute between 2:30' and 3:30' is taken from their song.

Strange people, greedy lawyers - or something else? I still do not know.

Anybody who listened these meditations knows that music-wise it is really just a sound of rain (with added thunderstrikes here and there, etc.), so for sure two rains can not be the same: there are literally a million "instruments" as each and every raindrop is an "instrument" making sound. You can even make one for yourself, like here, playing with more/less bass or middle or high tones, etc.

Also, I was allegedly using their song performed on 24/03/2016, despite my music is made and available on YouTube since June 2015. (Well, I am really good in what I do, but I still can not travel in time to steal a minute of someone's rain music months from now. Maybe I will be able to do so in the future.)

My files from June 2015.

This is screenshot of my folder with old files and it's clear all of these were done on 24/06/2015. Obviously, YouTube people could easily find that my videos (and the one in question they muted) were available for months before the Pink Floyd performance I allegedly took the music from.

I guess this is not worth my time to prove my point with YouTube (and whoever falsely claimed my copyrights infringement to them) so until I get some better ideas my YouTube channel is on a vacation.

Meanwhile I also changed all of these free 15' meditations with different 20' versions (home study products). The rain in the background is now different (like energy music samples) but the programming is still the same as before.