Bad company and (very) limiting beliefs

This is a very dangerous combination.


Bad company and (very) limiting beliefs banner title.

Consciously, most people are learning new things, skills, information, etc. using different channels and learning styles (more details here), usually mixing a few of them at the same time while only one is dominant.

Similar ways are in place when we are learning or accepting our beliefs and programming. Over the time, we get them from:

  • different programs we are born with;
  • what our parents told us to believe;
  • school teachers and professors;
  • mass-media: TV, internet and newspapers;
  • friends, relatives and co-workers.

Although we can learn / adopt many negative influences from all of these, often friends, relatives and co-workers prove to be the worst. And hence that "bad company" in the title.

The list above could be much longer, of course, but even in this shorter version one thing is obvious: most of the stuff we learned and accepted as "our thoughts and our way of thinking" is originally made by some other people, and not by us.

Well, can we change that? Sure, and there are two main options:

  • Step One: get rid of the bad company;
  • Step Two: find new information (i.e. read more positive books, be careful when selecting what to watch on TV and what to spend the time on, etc.)

The hard truth is: in most cases, if we want to improve ourselves, we should improve the people we associate with as well. Or find some other people.

This is usually simple thing to do, yet not always easy. So, if you are going to think it over or meditate with that question in mind, I offer my support with the "rainy meditation music".


Meditation music: recognize bad company

Bad company meditation music banner image.

I've made a meditation music for this specific issue in order to help you find that people that you can now maybe see in a new light, like a bad company. Meditate (or just sit and relax) as usually, put this music in the background (or headphones, or however you like - it's not that important) and see what images, emotions and/or sensations will emerge. Then deal with them accordingly, solve that situation; apologize if needed; do something if needed, etc.

To listen, just click on it; if you want to save it, right click on it and press "Save As ..." or whatever similar.