Men wanted

It's a question of balance.


As I am writing this, in early 2016, in my private and business, individual and group work I have some 90% women as clients and members. Within my team results differ, yet it is always more women than men, although the difference might be more like 80/20 or 70/30 ratios.

What can I do about it? Well, I do give 10% discount to male clients, for both individual and group work. We want more balance, and the only reasonable way to start changing this is to get more men involved, at least in our group work (for both my groups and my team's groups).

Men wanted example businessman.

It seems that situation is present over the vast personal development industry, yet in different shapes and forms. So I checked with people in the business, and as various as they and their backgrounds may be, we generally agreed on the following: women have more interest in personal development than men.

Men wanted example skater.

That being said, there are differences like, for example, between and among business women and soccer moms. Either way, women are just more willing to engage in personal development activities, and especially those targeted at improving relationships, engaging audiences and developing presence.

Men wanted example adventurer.

Speaking from the combined experience in this totally unscientific research, it seems that women are more likely to recognize and accept and acknowledge their limitations and personal boundaries in the first place. And also to share appropriate emotions; appreciate their attitude to, and impact on others; and - last but not least - to understand what it takes to build lasting and meaningful relationships, both in life and business.

Men wanted example loner.

I know that is nothing new and that women from all faith traditions and spiritual perspective are more willing to explore and express the many dimensions of personal development and spiritual growth than men. This holds true also regardless if they are affiliated with a religion or not.

Men wanted example geek.

There are numerous newspaper and blog articles, scientific and academic papers and even some books written to this and similar subjects, for example this one, then also this one, and even this one. Feel free to explore more about it.

Men wanted example rock star.

That's it. Aside from great women we work with, we also want to work with more men: hopefully meaningful human beings interested in their own Self exploration (and self-exploration), personal development, energy works and spiritual growth (as vague as these expressions might be).

Again, 10% discount for men. And if you maybe have a better idea about this, please let me know.