Simple Self Mechanics procedure.


Shitpoint procedure banner title.

In this process the goal is to discover / see the point in the past, which is the cause of today's problems, karmic debts, and so on. Most people there (but it appears - not at all) find such an event whether it is done by the person himself or one of its ancestors.

A simple example of such an event can be a scene at a farmers' market a century ago where some boy stole an apple off the bench that belonged to a cheerful countrywomen, and later he and his descendants in various ways were (and maybe still are) paying off that apple by enduring different life's challenges and difficulties.

Maybe the boy was your great-grandfather, and some of these debts was left to you today to pay off.Intervention is possible here in order to change the mentioned event and its consequences but is most often seen as pictures / scenes / movies that give clear instructions / solutions to the person himself / herself.

Doing as ordered with an awareness that action is due to pay some old debt - should do the thing and settle the cosmic account.

Some similar examples are: a young lady has to pay 200 HRK (about 30 USD in October 2015) for a nearby Orthodox church (in the region where mostly Catholics live); or a man has to give his former partner a shirt and his father a bottle of wine - but always the awareness that this is paying an old debt was of utmost importance.

So far, we had no case where a person had to give or do something of big monetary value, or including big risk, etc.


Meditation music: find that shitpoint

Shitpoint meditation music banner image.

I've made a meditation music for this specific issue in order to help you find that shitpoint yourself. Meditate (or just sit and relax) as usually, put this music in the background (or headphones, or however you like - it's not that important) and see what images, emotions and/or sensations will emerge. Then deal with them accordingly, solve that situation; apologize if needed; do something if needed, etc.

To listen, just click on it; if you want to save it, right click on it and press "Save As ..." or whatever similar.