Intuitive, psychic, medium: all the same?

Maybe. And maybe not.


Mediums, psychics, intuitives, etc. post banner title.

As the first post on this blog, I will try to explain briefly how I see that difference between people being called intuitive, psychic, medium, etc. (aside what I have mentioned in my about page).

In my explorations, my intention and my practice are usually to interact with dead people as little as possible (and the term "dead" being used very loosely here). To some mediums, psychics and intuitives - it's their bread and butter.

Also, the question is about the time (and the term "time" also being used very loosely here). While I usually can see "all times, all places, all lives" (at least it seems to me that it's "all") some psychic and/or mediums in their readings often focus on predicting future events or tune into past and present issues (past and future from this point in linear time measurement).

Here I copy one picture included in my free report on four aces that can roughly present on how I see it. Each of these "boxes" are some space and time (time looks linear here just like a ruler on the title image here), or some time/field that I can look into and often find some images and movies or shows being presented there (but sometimes I find nothing as it seems to be empty).

How I see energy fields.

That being said (and presented) it seems that predicting the future - for lack of a better expression - can sometimes help but also means the risk of being stuck within one folder.

I often see different opportunities - or layers of life - like stack of folders where you can choose to live in one or the other. How to get from one to the other is another story: you can start by reading my free report on four aces of life - if you haven't done so already.

How I see folders of life.

These folders usually look like different lives at the same time and place (I have already mentioned that I use these terms very loosely here); at this moment at the place you are right now there are probably both happy and sad people, rich and poor, healthy and sick, big and small, etc. all existing and living their lives one by the other.

You could change this folder you are right now (like I do, like everybody does) and that can - among other things - be influenced by your thoughts and actions: aces of pleasure, wealth and duty leading to the ace of liberation.

So, the information any psychic will give you is often just an insight into what potentially could happen based on the road you are currently travelling - meaning folder you are in as I see it - and it should be used only as a guideline to help you make the best choices for yourself. Sometimes I can help you with that too (my SEE, READ, CHANGE protocol).