What's Self Mechanics all about?

In life and business, there is always more to it than meets the eye.

What's it to you?

Well, your subconscious mind is like a memory bank: it stores everything that ever happens to you. Also, what's inside, in your energy fields (ideas, images, feelings, wants, intentions) tends to manifest on the outside bringing you people, experiences, situations, etc.

If you want to know what's there and change it -- I'm your guy.

See, if you want deeper or wider insight on some pressing problem or if you are on a path to personal development and spiritual growth -- I can help in a quick and straightforward manner. I can mentally SEE what is hidden behind visible problems or issues, then READ what is the deeper cause of it and finally (if appropriate) CHANGE it for the better.

Most people call me Dedi, yet also I am often called healer, psychic, medium, intuitive (and even bodhisattva). The Self Mechanic and Energy Fields Whisperer covers all of the above -- and much more -- delivering results in an enjoyable and unstressful way. Still, I would never be as productive without my international team. Thank you, guys!

In the last several years, after a versatile career, I worked with a spiritual teacher, meditation master and chakra therapist Petar Vojvodić (a.k.a. guru Pero and Soul Digger) who helped me to recognize and utilize my rare talents and gifts. Guru Pero was greatly influenced by the teachings of Keith Sherwood, being his dedicated student for more than a decade.


I do believe that quick help and profound results can go together. You do not need years of meditation to achieve significant progress. (Sure, you can do it, but it is really not inevitable.)

I do not work with - nor sell my stuff to - anyone with a large credit card debt or in any kind of a financial trouble. (If that's you: please stay away and get back to me when you sort that out.)

I do give free stuff, and a lot of it. I want you to try before you buy, yet it's more to be sure my products and services will work for you. (Also, to get an impression if we can work together.)

Self Mechanics is different.


Expect the unexpected. Self Mechanics system is suitable if you are seeking your inner guidance and peace before or during or after major life transitions or are looking for insight and direction into your authentic life mission.

Maybe both: some people come because of the former and continue because of the latter - and vice versa. Whatever might be your reason right now, you'll eventually leave with a sense of deep inner peace and the increased ability to move forward in life. I stand by my work, and here is my guarantee.


A picture roughly showing how I see energy fields in people.

I was often asked how it all looks to me on my mental screen, what do I actually SEE, READ, CHANGE. And so I wrote about how I do it, in more details.

Usually all the images and movies I mentally see can be explained either "as is" or as an array of symbols and archetypes in a connotative meaning. I put it in just one picture (click on it to see bigger version).


Mentally and energetically. I change or remove or create mental images, different energies and consciousnesses. With clients I contact mostly using Skype, then via phone and in person, even e-mail. I travel a lot, so this is most convenient: if I have an internet access, I am probably fine.

Distance does not affect my work: for example, I did have sessions on Skype where one person was in Canada, another in Sweden and third in Slovenia and it all worked just fine.


Born in Dubrovnik, Croatia - one of the most beautiful places in the world - I like to think that I am also a true citizen of the world and universe alike.

For more than twenty years I am exploring border, alternative, mystic and esoteric methods touching many people's lives in the process. After a business career I started serving people in a completely different way.

Here I write in English, yet it is not my mother tongue. More about me.


If you are not willing to take full responsibility for your life, here and now - please stay away.

If you have a large credit card debt or are in any kind of a financial trouble - please stay away.

If you have any serious medical condition so you take medications regularly - please stay away.

Now, don't trust me.



Monica J Griffith testimonial.
Filip has a unique gift and the ability to 'see' what is blocking success! He is caring, compassionate, well-spoken and incredibly knowledgeable. Filip has provided me with a shift in mindset, allowing and empowering me toward greater clarity and success. It is my privilege to recommend Mr Filip Dedi.

Monica J Griffith, USA   LinkedIn

Kim Hoyer testimonial.
Filip Dedi is dedicated to helping others heal energy blocks and live more aligned lives. My experience with Dedi was amazing. Shortly after working with him, a block I had with money was released and job opportunities started flowing my way. I believe the work he does will benefit everyone, as we all have energy blocks. I highly recommend his services!!

Kim Hoyer, USA   JourneyEvolve   LinkedIn   Facebook


Sandra Camacho testimonial.
Filip truly has a gift to see what the hidden cause is behind the "symptoms" that are manifesting in one's life. He saw something about me that even most closest loved ones would never have guessed! He helped me release a block that was contributing to a very challenging interpersonal dynamic. Right after Filip worked with me I was able to master and resolve the situation with ease. I highly recommend Filip's work.

Sandra Camacho, USA   Inner Wealth   LinkedIn  

Helenka Madjarevic testimonial.
My two consultations with Dedi, for two different reasons, have brought me an effective and lasting change. His ability to detect, see and feel the energy of the root cause of a problem or an energy blockage, and remove it quickly, are the key determinants of his successful intervention.

Helenka Madjarevic, Canada   Facebook


Asha Mankowska testimonial.
I was really impressed with Filip's gift and knowledge. The information he provides for his clients can help to identify the cause of any hidden obstacles or lack of desired results they experience at the moment. This clarity can definitely help to overcome difficulties and achieve success much quicker after his "intervention".
Filip's unique quality is that he is dedicated to his clients and their success. Very efficiently he gets to the core of the issues and can assist in putting your action back on track. I would highly recommend Filip Dedi to anyone that wants to achieve real success!

Asha Mankowska, USA   LinkedIn

Annette Segal testimonial.
Dedi's work is powerful and profound, opening possibilities to explore hindrances and hidden obstacles to stepping fully into your life. During my first session, and without any prior contact with Dedi, I was surprised what he found in my inner world, and that I easily recognized as manifesting in my life.
He was also able to go behind the visible symptoms of one unwanted situation in my life, get to its source in the invisible world and change it for the better. This inner change, coupled with appropriate actions, gave me more peace and I felt empowered and curious to see how this played out in my life.

Annette Segal, USA   The Valiant Group   LinkedIn


Danielle Kort testimonial.
My session with Dedi was profound. First of all, Dedi gets right to the meat of any issue you have going on in your energy field so he won’t waste any of your time, which I really appreciated. He’s here to help you clear away the crap, and replace it with much better things, not to hand-hold or counsel you. Yet he does have a warm, kind presence.
In our session we found out there were some not so desirable things in my field regarding my romantic life. We cleared away the old energy and replaced it with a new image that better suits what I’m actually looking for in that department. Maybe a month after our session, I attracted a loving relationship with a man who I feel so lucky to partner with. I'm excited, I have deep feelings for him,feels like I've known him for eons (from different realms and lives.) This is incredible, as I haven’t had a relationship for years and have mostly only attracted men who weren’t good for me.
Also after our session, I had some cool experiences with my third eye and for the first time I had inner visions beyond this realm. It was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced.
And lastly, since our session I feel like I'm finally working on a project that utilizes/combines two of my greatest gifts and I feel very much aligned with my life’s work. I’m still a little shocked, like I’ve aligned with a new reality or something. I would highly recommend Dedi, as even just one or two sessions with him can shift SO MUCH.

Danielle Kort, USA   Danielle Kort Coaching   LinkedIn

Lisa Forlin testimonial.
When I had my first sessions with Dedi, I was an environmental consultant with a burnout, trying to run my own business with a constant inner hope to be perfect in everybody else's eyes.
I was on the path of thinking about making changes with my business as I’d started the transformation work in coaching sessions. By the help of Dedi and his team I got much more balanced energy wise and at a rate that I would not have imagined possible.
They also helped me to develop the ability to listen to what comes from me, not trying to be what I'm not. So I decided a new path for my company, as a life coach, developing it from my own best inner self, no matter what other people might think about what I do. I feel so good about it and I feel free to create my own life. Although I have had to realize personal development is a life long journey :-)
Since I continue to build confidence in listening to my inner best self I can now make this journey more independently than during the first months working with Dedi. Finally I want to mention this work with Dedi also has gained me benefits in my private life, both for myself, as well as being a mother, and in the relationship with my husband.

Lisa Forlin, Sweden   Hallbarhetsholken   LinkedIn   Facebook


Debra Ross testimonial.
Wow! ... it's been a few months since my session with Dedi. It's been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride ... all good though. :-)
We did one really intense session. Well ... the days following our session were filled with lots of emotion .. but I just let them come and go .. let go of the unnecessary ones ... and kept the ones that felt right. AND the healing that took place within me was unexplainable. I have healing gifts ... but my session with Dedi took my healing gift to new heights. Above and beyond what I could ever have imagined. The emotional rollercoaster has stopped for the most part and I have never felt better.
I am an Intuitive Healer and Wellness Coach for people with illness, disease, or injuries ... but I've just very recently decided to change my business into a non profit organazation. So I'm in the process of doing so as we speak. It just feels right... and I can reach more people to help. I kinda feel like Dedi had something to do with this! :-)

Debra Ross, USA   LinkedIn  

Sandi Smith testimonial.
I had an amazing and invaluable experience working with Dedi. He used his intuition and unique gifts to reach across time and space and identify blocks and issues a had been holding onto for far too long.
With his strong and sure and honest support I was able to release and let go of blocks and let the light into my life on so many levels. I really appreciate Dedi’s integrity and breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding.
In the days following I felt totally amazing, light, empowered and clear. Like a huge weight had been lifted. As time goes on, I feel more directed and clear in so many areas of my life, professional and personal. Dedi is a wonderful energy worker and his expertise in assisting my energy fields has made such an immense difference to my life. Thank you, Dedi!

Sandi Smith, Australia   Sandi Smith   LinkedIn  


Ivana Lovrekovic testimonial.
I was brought up and lived my whole life to be polite, unobtrusive and decent person that generally suppresses everything so that everyone else is happy. I always knew there was something wrong with it.
All the strength that God gave me I used to suppress eruptions of energy that I usually experienced as anxiety and restlessness. Dedi confirmed that tremendous amount of energy, Shakti in me as the difference between me and my environment.
Due to the lack of self-confidence and socially imposed norms, he had to repeat the same thing over and over again to me, until I accepted it. Thanks, Dedi - you made me realize who I am and that every human being has a purpose. And that you have to live what you are and what God intended, otherwise you do not live at all.

Ivana Lovrekovic, Croatia   Facebook

Maja Stankovic testimonial.
A friend referred me to Dedi saying "You need to talk to him!", and so I did. That was actually an understatement as I was in the middle of many important changes, both in my private and professional life.
Working individually and in a group, I was able to clearly see where I am and where I want to be. More important: to finally understand how I got here and how to get there.
Dedi's insight gave me deeper understanding as what's really going on and often just by talking to him - I feel good. Now I have a plan for the foreseeable future and looking forward to its completion with real confidence. Thanks, Dedi!

Maja Stankovic, Sweden   Facebook


Tanja Kosec testimonial.
For years I was doing yoga, meditation and other ways of self-exploration with some success, yet since working with Dedi I feel like I have an unfair advantage. With his insight and help, I can quickly get to the bottom of any issue (I call it "the click"). Also, only now with Dedi's help I can recognize certain things to be the absolute truth (for me, at least).
Now I can finally understand and really live some things that I only felt or knew before. With more knowledge I got from Dedi, now I feel more confident, yet also relieved of some burdens (karma, etc.) I was previously not aware of.

Tanja Kosec, Slovenia   YouTube   LinkedIn

Beata Vucic testimonial.
Energy work with Peter helped me raise and clearly feel the energy, feelings and emotions. With Dedi, his mental images complemented that. All together resulted in permanent changes, and even sometimes instant solutions for the issues that Dedi had no problem removing mentally (physical pain, blockages, etc.).
Due to the work with Peter and Dedi, today I am living with expanded self-awareness and contented soul. I am now feeling much happier and more fulfilled than ever, with much higher dose of fun, pleasure, self-belief and without a doubt, rigor and inconfidence in my life. The changes are difficult to describe, yet priceless and for that I am extremely grateful!

Beata Vucic, Croatia   Facebook



If you have some hot topics, pressing issues or various problems that you want to solve - preferably right now;

... or you are already exploring some of the many personal development and spiritual growth options but want broader insight;

... or both: maybe you contacted me due to one or the other, but then we found some new areas that needed work and attention.

Privacy, anonymity and confidentiality

Tinted glasses.

The vast majority of people I work with tell me their full name (first name and last name) although over time some of them I call by their nickname too.

Still, for some people their anonymity is very important: I totally respect that. Same is with full confidentiality of our work.

Searching on notepad.

Every now and then, people do ask me if I am going to search them on Google and/or other search engines and social media sites if they tell me their full name.

I will not. It's just not needed: the information I receive goes way beyond any internet service/source.


Either way, if you want to keep it anonymous - go for it and I will gladly follow. No problem if you use some generic e-mail address or give me just your name/nickname.

Yet I still have to call/address you somehow for practical reasons and that's all. Let's keep it simple.


You want to get better insight on some pressing problem and - if possible - quick solution. (More often than not, this might be a sensitive matter so individual work is the best.)

You want to start with, progress or accelerate your personal development and spiritual growth explorations. (Here group work can usefully complement individual sessions.)

You want something tailor-made just for you: maybe to work simultaneously on your career, relationships and your personal growth. (Fine, numerous options are available.)

Instead of summary

I work regularly with people from all walks of life who are ready to take full responsibility for their lives in all aspects possible. My ability to see and change energy fields is a valuable tool helping people achieve both their tangible and intangible goals.

In short: I am here for you and I could help you.

Again, I could not be so productive without my team, an international group of experts.

From me to you, Dedi's handwritten message.


I was originally keen on keeping a low profile

(but then I got a message from one client / student ...)